Shooting Landscape Photography with the Pentax 645D

Photofocus (old site)

Pentax 645D, 55mm f/2.8 lens, f/2.8, five frame HDR, ISO 200.

I recently bought a Pentax 67, which is a medium format camera that shoots film. This was my first real taste of shooting this way.

Why’s it called medium format?

Let’s explore the origins of the formats.

  • Large Format. Well, large format refers to film that is at least four inches by five inches—these cameras are the big ones with bellows on the front, a hood over the shooter’s head, and the film is on a plate that mounts in the back of the camera.

by Janez Novak by Janez Novak

  • Medium Format. Medium format cameras use 120 film, which is about 6cm wide and comes on roll (different cameras use different amounts of that film in each shot; my 67 makes a 6x7cm image; 6x6cm and 6×4.5cm are also very common).
  • 35mm Format. Smaller than Medium format is 35mm, which is what…

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