Ramp & White Bean Fritters with Sriracha-Marmalade Sauce

ramp-bean-fritterOh, ramps ,” I hear you sigh, sniffing delicately. “ That’s so last year .” To be sure, ramp mania seems to have dimmed somewhat, after a strong showing in the opening years of the decade, to be replaced by new must-have food items such as  artisanal toast  and eggs that are scrambled in the shell . Which is a good thing, really, as ramps have been dangerously over-harvested in recent years: perhaps everyone has finally gotten the message about sustainable ramp foraging? Or, perhaps, it is just human nature. After all, how can a pungent wild leek compete with a plastic gyroscope that presumably scrambles an egg in the shell so much better than you could ever do by simply shaking it in your hand?

Needless to say, there are those of us who will remain ever-dedicated to the lowly ramp. When the rest of you have moved…

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