Peacefulness by the Water

What an Amazing World!

The Pool of Statues The Pool of Statues

A towering water fountain stands amid decorated pools, water flows from one pond to another, carps meander around beautifully-laid stepping stones, all under the beautiful morning sun and skies. As we enter the grounds of the water garden a pool welcomes us, rimmed by intricately sculpted statues of real and mythological beasts, and dotted with beautiful figures from the Hindu epic of Mahabharata. Meanwhile lush forest, rice paddies and springs surround the man-made garden, enveloping it with peace and serenity.

Tirta Gangga, named after tirta – blessed water – and Gangga – from the holy River Ganges in India, was another brainchild of I Gusti Gede Bagus Jelantik (Anak Agung Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem) who was also responsible for the construction of Taman Ujung Sukasada. Exploiting the abundance of water and picturesque landscape near the village of Ababi in eastern Bali, the last king of…

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