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SPW_Justin Headshot

If one were to take the fabulocity of old school David Bowie, “Born this Way” era GaGa and all the deliciousness of Jared Leto, threw them into a gay orgy fueled love-fest for the sake of procreating an outspoken glamazon of a man, with a voice that inspires tingles in the nether regions… that love child would be Justin Tranter, the lead singer of Semi Precious Weapons.

Now don’t get me wrong, his individuality is just that and he is incomparable … but one has to remark on similarities and references to best describe the enigma that is Justin.

With the launch of their new album, “Aviation”, and my previous post about them, giving you a background on the band… it’s now time to let you get to know Justin in a different way with the following interview…

1. How would you describe your latest album, “Aviation”?

A collection of songs about love, lust…

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