In the squeezing of a lemon

Tangerine and Cinnamon

I shall be away for May: to London to present a seminar paper and to Montreal for a wedding. I shall return with news about poutine and maple sugar.

Although I shall see you, really, in the squeezing of a lemon, I leave you with this from Kinfolk:

And with these:

  • Food stamps are better than food banks.
  • ‘Greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture would be cut by 25-40% if Europeans cut their meat and dairy consumption by half’.
  • Shake Shack seems to be able to pay its employees a living wage.
  • What it’s like to be on food stamps.
  • ‘The global land grab is a phenomenon against which those whose land is being grabbed seem defenceless.’
  • Las Vegas is running out of water.
  • Fresh produce is at risk from climate change.
  • American apples have been banned in Europe.
  • Coffee beans are too expensive for Starbucks.
  • Childhood obesity

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