Style Me Manly


I remember the first time we met.

I had just arrived in Toronto, nearly 8 years ago and was working in Cafe California.  You were on a date and I was serving your table. I told Angie and Leticia how cute I thought you were.  Tish had no qualms about telling you that while you were on a date, and for years she insisted what a great couple we would make.

We tried, but realized we were better friends.

From random nights out to sleepovers, you were a constant in my life.

One of the few.

Then we had that falling out, and a few months ago, we rekindled our friendship, with more sleepovers and random nights out.

With your random texts saying “meeow”.

Then I got busy a few weeks ago, and I barely responded to your texts, because life was just in the way.

But I should have…

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