Ghost in the Shell animation team coming to AniRevo convention in Vancouver


GS 4

Eras come and go with amazing speed in the heavily youth-oriented anime and manga industries. The year 1989 saw the start of a number of comic serials with lavish artwork and intriguing premises. But while Video Girl Ai, Spriggan, and Silent Mobius all attracted large followings shortly after their debuts that year, you’d have to do some serious searching to find many contemporary fans with a real passion for any of them.

On the other hand, cyberpunk/psychological thriller Ghost in the Shell, which also was first published in 1989, is a franchise that is even more popular today than it was then. To celebrate the series’ 25 years of continuous relevance, anime convention AniRevo will be welcoming members of Production I.G., the studio responsible for all of the many Ghost in the Shell animated adaptations.

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